How to Choose an Attorney

How to Choose an Attorney

There are three primary considerations in choosing an attorney:

  1. Knowledge. Does the attorney possess sufficient experience in your type of case for your needs.
  2. Personality. Can you get along with the attorney, and most importantly, can you count on the attorney to be honest with you.
  3. Price. The attorney’s hourly rates are secondary to the attorney’s estimate of how much your case will cost, your budget and his or her flexibility in working within your budget to achieve what you want and realistically can get.

It is the final, third point, that brings you back to the previous two points. If the lawyer is knowledgeable in the specific legal area, she or he will be able to predict the most likely outcome(s) of your case. If the lawyer is not only interested in collecting a retainer, she or he will really listen to you and understand what you want. If the lawyer is honest, he or she will tell you what you can and cannot count on getting, and you will trust their analysis of how much it is worth to spend chasing after various goals.

Good Luck!

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