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By: tompmiller | September 12, 2018

Obviously, child support is money paid for the support of a child. Generally, it is for the support of a minor child. In Illinois, child support is due until the child is 18 years of age and has graduated high school, but not past the age of 19. Child support can be cut off earlier by emancipation events, which will be discussed in another blog.

Child support is for all of the child’s needs, except for the following, which are contributed to in addition to child support payments.

Daycare: cost of daycare necessitated by the parents’ work/schooling is generally not included in child support. Typically, the parties must contribute to daycare expenses in proportion to their incomes.

School Fees: generally, public school fees are not included i...

By: tompmiller | April 10, 2016

Child support in Illinois is typically paid by the non-custodial parent (the parent not residing with the child or children) to the custodial parent (the parent residing with the children). The payor (parent paying) pays a percentage of his or her income based on the number of children:

1 child = 20%
2 children = 28%
3 children = 32%
4 children = 40%
5 children = 45%
6 or more children = 50%

Net income is income from all sources minus federal and state taxes paid, health insurance premiums and mandatory retirement contributions. There are other factors, especially for those that are self-employed or own their own businesses, but this is generally the rule for most payors.

Unless the parties agreed or the court ordered otherwise (which is unusual), ...